About Us

At AuraGen Technologies we strive to provide you with great solutions for a healthier and more comfortable life style. Our 40+ years experience in laser technology forms the basis of the AuraGen product line.

All AuraGen technology is based on charging the Body Aura with an energy field and either using that energy field alone to establish a Whole Body presence or use it with the accessories to produce different energy fields in specific locations and combine them and to concentrate the energy fields in patterns.

Any of the accessories can be used to generate a Whole Body Energy field with any electrical - magnetic - photon 'flavor' or polarity.

The different accessories can be used to generate a specific pulsed Photon color in the head region and very specific magnetic pulses in separate location while applying different electrostatic energy fields to different areas of the body.

For example, you can use a pulsed Blue Plasma wand to visually meditate while several magnetic strobes pulse selected areas and organs and you are also using a large film under your back to charge your upper torso with a pulsed negative field charge and then use separate medium films to charge your lower legs with a positive pulsed voltage.

This is what we mean by ‘Body Aura’ and ‘Whole Body Charging’ and only the AuraGen technology can generate all these different events at once.  



Auragen Technologies LLC is a Subsidiary of the Andromeda Laser Group. Andromeda Laser specializes in extreme high energy pulsed gas laser technology. Started in the late 1970's and based on breakaway US Patents (US #4,201,953) based on faster-than-light phase velocity of plasma ignition, AuraGen Technologies builds upon over 40 years of plasma physics.

All AuraGen Systems and accessories are manufactured in the USA by Auragen Technologies LLC, Sub. of Andromeda Laser Group/ USA. All Rights are Reserved, this technology is covered by (1) or more US Patent Applications.


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