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AuraGen - Ag-3000 Systems


The Ag-3000B System is designed to provide both the Beginner and the Experienced Silver Explorer with a simple but comprehensive device with Unique Realms of possibilities offered by the Plasma Probes and proven transition from the Ionic to the Colloidal forms of Silver solute in a Timed sequence.


Plasma Probes in Red and Blue that can be Immersed into the solutions offers new paths to follow.



Many people are becoming aware of the health benefits of Silver solutions and use them daily in some form. These benefits go back thousands of years - but making them can be confusing.

Most of the systems on the market argue over ionic vs. colloidal/ particulate silver solutions.


AuraGen Technologies offers a simple device that produces both the ionic and colloidal forms and includes both Red and Blue Plasma Probes for expanded possibilities of Health Research.


Simple Operation:

The Ag-3000 starts by generating Ionic Silver (IS) in about an hour/ 20 PPM as measured by a Hanna PWT conductivity tester. As the system continues processing the solution will darken as colloidal silver is produced.

The Ionic production is limited ~ 40 PPM after which the colloidal will also form.

A built in timer controls the process in 1/2 & 1 hour increments so you can better control your results.

Simple push-button operation with an indicator light lets you know when it's finished.


Plasma Energy:

Plasma Probes are included to enable further research into the effects of Red & Blue Plasma energies.

These High Intensity Probes are WaterProof and are designed to be placed into the different Silver solutions to possibly enhance the formation and activity of them.




Additionally, they can be placed at various parts of the body, this is especially useful for testing the combined effects of the Silver solutions with the plasma energy on skin conditions and other surface related conditions.


Unique Technologies:

The Ag-3000 System uses a very unique system of current limited  - High Voltage - Pulsed DC energy.

This Advanced Technology drives both the Silver solution formation AND the Plasma Probes.

It also causes a pulsating effect thru the solution that enhances the normal circulation in a fluid.

Additional pumping action can be easily provided with a basic fish air pump or stirring.

We suggest a simple ionic tester available on eBay at low cost to track the ionic levels.



tests are based on Walmart steam distilled water - low cost/ easy to get - very consistent at ~ 1.2/1.5 PPM


Items included in the Ag-3000B

(1) Ag-3000B unit

(2) Silver rods - 14 gauge - 4.75" length

(2) Plasma Probes, 6" length - Red & Blue color

(1) 16 Oz FDA approved plastic generator jar w/ cap

(1) wall mounted power supply

(1) Basic operators Manual



Please Note:


No Medical or Health Claims

AuraGen Technologies makes no claims as to any benefits arising from Silver solutions, we simply sell a device that will produce the solutions.


High Voltage is present 

High voltage electro-static pulses are used in the system, operators are expected to use caution to avoid a harmless static shock.  Always make sure the unit is off before inserting or removing the Silver rods.


> Laser Industry Certified Safety Interlocks are used to minimize the risk of small static shocks

The System will Not operate unless the full interlocks are present and will Fail Safe if they are removed.

The System operates Only one accessory at a time - either Silver solution or (1) of the Plasma Probes. 


---AuraGen Technologies LLC is a Subsidiary of Andromeda Laser Group - a 40 year old US company, all products are Made in the USA, all Rights are Reserved.---




Product Code AG-48GC574
Condition New
Weight 2.000lb

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