AuraGen 6000 S/L3

AuraGen 6000 S/L3
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Product Information

The AuraGen L3 Series is a specially designed System based to provide high output powers for users who use both Rife/ Beck or any frequency patterns. The L3 technology is based on Patented US Laser Technology developed by Andromeda Laser Group, developed for very high energy Plasma Lasers. 
All AuraGen Technologies are based on pulsed High Voltage energies of harmless electrostatic electricity. It is Important to understand that these pulses are  DC and Not sine wave or alternating voltages (AC). 

The L3 inputs any frequency pattern between ~ 0 Hz - 100 Khz (although a usable range without too much power loss would be ~ 5Hz - 95kHz)  and transforms it into the AuraGen format of high voltage electrostatic pulses that drive all of the AuraGen accessories.

The L3 Systems use (3) types of accessories to produce energy waves that travel across and thru you:

* pulsed electrostatic fields
* magnetic pulses
* photonic pulses - Plasma. 

These accessories (more information below) produce energy waves of electrostatic, magnetic and select Photon flux across your body at frequencies that you can set and read digitally on large .5” high LED readout. These energy waves can pass thru your entire body from head to toe or you can direct and concentrate them in patterns and at specific locations.

Simple Operation - Plug and Play

The L3 is designed to 'direct drive' from any computer software program but especially designed for the FreX program. We supply the cable to simply jack it in and you're ready to run the best software and equipment made.

You can also input any other signal format from any frequency source.

Making the Silver to Taste

Besides the photonic/ magnetic and PEMF accessories, the L3 can drive our Ag3000 Colloidal Silver Generator to produce the solution at your own specifications.
If you find a Rife/ Beck frequency or program (we recommend FreX) that seems to help you, the L3 can be set to form the silver solution AT THAT Frequency!
Since the Silver was made at that frequency - the molecules are 'shaped' to that frequency range!
So when when you use that frequency with the Silver - they have matched frequencies between them we think this might be especially useful for working Silver Ionic  skin contact with the Transfer Films

The films cause a vibrating effect that helps the solution be absorbed but we believe that the matching frequency will enable an enhancement of the Silver effect - resonance between the process and the Silver solution.


Using the L3

Compact and easy to use - the L3 uses advanced power circuitry learned from users response for much higher output power and enhanced input capabilities. Designed to drive from TTL level/ computer frequency sources for very simple operation. 

The L3 System includes all the tools you will need to explore with:

High voltage Transfer films
Direct drive to external devices - Protected circuitry
Advanced EX Series Magnetic Pulsars
Plasma Probes - high power - in colors of choice/ Red - Blue - Green
Digital Display of input frequencies
Ability to make both ionic and colloidal Silver solutions at variant levels 

(Note: the Ag Silver Generator is sold separately)
Full support accessories - everything you  need 


Operation is very simple:

You place which accessories you want to use - where you want the energy fields to be directed and concentrated and then you adjust for the relative power. Rife frequency programs like Fre/X16 (which we recommend) have volume control built in as does your computer - make sure these setting are at maximum before adjusting the output power from the L3. 



Simply rotate the Master power control past the click and the unit will turn on. The red Power On indicator light and the LED Digital Frequency Display will light up.

AuraGen L3 Systems generate very short pulses of high voltage fields made of static electricity that can ‘charge’ your entire body. These energy pulses are transferred thru your body using special Dielectric Transfer films that interact between themselves, the Plasma Strobes and the Mag Strobes. By using the different accessories you can direct – define and concentrate which type of energy fields you want or the combination of energies that best suit your needs.

Body Aura with Whole Body Charging  All AuraGen technology is based on charging the Body Aura with an energy field and either using that energy field alone to establish a Whole Body presence or use it with the accessories to produce different energy fields in specific locations and combine them and to concentrate the energy fields in patterns. Any of the accessories can be used to generate a Whole Body Energy field with any electrical - magnetic - photon 'flavor' or polarity.


The Family of Accessories used with the L3 Series

1)   Transfer films, laminated Dielectric Transfer films used for Primary body field charging

2)   Magnetic Strobes, spiral wound magnetic and electrostatic pulsars, reversible, with polar N/ S

3)   Plasma Probes, (2) 6" tube Probes, Primary colors of Red & Blue (other colors available upon request) 


Transfer Films:

Transfer Films are specially designed and constructed dielectric conductive films that are laminated for durability and long life. They can be used in any combination with any of the accessories. 

The films come in (2) basic sizes: Large – which is primarily used on the back to provide a full body charge, Medium – which are used to direct and concentrate the energy pulses to specific areas like arms and feet. 


Mag Strobes: 

The New Mag Strobe 4EX is the latest in the AuraGen Family of highly specialized magnetic pulsars.

AuraGen Mag Strobes are unlike any conventional magnetic pulsars.  Where the other technologies generate slow and high Gauss pulses, the AuraGen Magnetic Strobes generate very fast magnetic pulses that are coupled with a high voltage electrostatic energy field that evolves at the same time and in the same direction as the magnetic field.

Mag Strobe use a 2 dimensional spiral magnetic winding which in plasma physics is also called a magnetic Z pinch because the spiral winding generate a magnetic pulse that ‘spirals’ across a flat plane and concentrates to a pinch/ point at the center of the winding.

So when the Mag Strobe is triggered the stored electrostatic field pulse along with the generated magnetic pulse contract in a spiraling pinch that concentrates both of the energy fields to a very small point.

Last the New 4EX is comfortable! The 4EX is flexible – that means it can bend around curves like arms, legs and shoulders easily. No more stiff hard shapes or sharp corners, the 4EX will tuck into a sock or a waist band with equal comfort. And most importantly you can lay and even sleep with the 4EX under you so you can continue your treatments while you rest.   

Plasma Strobes: 

The The New Plasma Strobe EX is the latest in the AuraGen Family of highly specialized pulsed Plasma emitters. The AuraGen Plasma Strobe EX Family is unlike any conventional plasma emitters. 

The Plasma EX delivers breakthrough performance across many fields of Energy Transfer. Where the other technologies generate slow photon pulses with very limited interaction with other energy sources, The Plasma EX operates with all of the of the AuraGen accessories: magnetic, electrostatic. The plasma probes come in the Primary colors of Red/ Blue and Green light fields.


Please Note: ALWAYS turn the unit OFF before plugging in/ out accessories

All AuraGen Systems use high voltage Static electricity so depending on environment, there is a static shock hazard 


AuraGen L3 Basic Pac

The AuraGen L3 Basic Pac is a selection of the basic parts of the Auragen 'KD' System that enables exploration into the Auragen World at a modest cost but with full Technology tools.

Basic L3 Pac contains:

(1) AuraGen L3 Driver/ complete

(2) Mag-Strobe 4EX unit

(2) Plasma Strobe EX, 6", Plasma Strobes come in Red, Blue (additional colors available on request)

(3) Transfer Film Set, (1) Large & (2) Medium films

(4) Transfer Cables/ 40” length

(1) Wall plug supply/ 12 volt output

(1) Basic operations manual/ comprehensive updated information available on-line 

Caution:  Please read Owners’ Manual Instructions and all Warnings before using 



Persons with Medical conditions using heart Pace makers or epilepsy conditions and women who are pregnant are advised against the use of the product. The AuraGen Series is sold for Adult use only; there are no known Medical or health benefits from the use of these devices and none are claimed. Please contact the manufacturer for additional questions or details.

Warranty:  All units and accessories carry a Limited (1) Year Warranty against defective parts or manufacturing defects.

RETURNS: Please contact the manufacturer before returning any systems, authorization is needed for approval. All returns must be in the same shipping/ packaging with all accessories included. Any return that shows mishandling, tampering or attempted modifications will be rejected.  

All AuraGen Systems and accessories are manufactured in the USA by Auragen Technologies LLC, Sub. of Andromeda Laser Group/ USA. All Rights are Reserved, this technology is covered by (1) or more US Patent Applications


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