Introducing the AuraGen 6000 KD Series

Date: 3/7/2016

The introduction of the KD series is proven to be a success and a lot of positive feedback has been generated. Based on our patented technology the KD series offers a variety of functions that can benefit your wellness. According to our user's findings the results are quite satisfying.

All AuraGen Technologies are based on pulsed High Voltage energies of harmless electrostatic electricity. It is Important to understand that these pulses are  DC and Not sine wave or alternating voltages (AC), The (K) and (KD) Series all produce phasic and biphasic pulse treatment depending on how the accessories are powered by which output jack is used. 

The (KD) Systems use (3) types of accessories to produce energy waves that travel across and through you:

*Pulsed electrostatic fields
*Magnetic pulses and photonic pulses

The KD units produce fully adjustable pulses of High Voltage electrostatic energy that are used to power the Transfer films, Mag Strobes and the New Plasma Strobe accessories line.

These accessories produce energy waves of electrostatic, magnetic and select Photon flux across your body at frequencies that you can set and read digitally on large .5” high LED readout.

These energy waves can pass through your entire body from head to toe or you can direct and concentrate them in patterns and at specific locations.

kd6000 3All AuraGen technology is based on charging the Body Aura with an energy field and either using that energy field alone to establish a Whole Body presence or use it with the accessories to produce different energy fields in specific locations and combine them and to concentrate the energy fields in patterns.

Any of the accessories can be used to generate a Whole Body Energy field with any electrical - magnetic - photon 'flavor' or polarity.

The different accessories can be used to generate a specific pulsed Photon color in the head region and very specific magnetic pulses in separate location while applying different electrostatic energy fields to different areas of the body.



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