Digital Bio-Pulsar Systems - Responses

Date: 01-20-2017

AuraGen  6000 (KD-P) Digital Bio-Pulsar Systems

The AuraGen Series of all systems is designed to resonant with your body, we don't just supply an Energy source - that Energy pulse is controlled by what/ where/ how you use the accessories. So the frequency range will change as your body accommodates the energy pulses - just as you will change from using the units.

The New (KD-P) Series provides a greatly expanded Plasma platform of performance.

There are (3) Families of accessories used with the KD Series

1)   Transfer films, laminated Dielectric Transfer films used for Primary body field charging

2)   Magnetic Strobes, spiral wound magnetic and electrostatic pulsars, reversible, with polar N/ S

3)   Plasma Strobes, 1, 2 and 4 tube Strobes, Primary colors of Red, Green and Blue

AuraGen Technologies LLC has been selling all of the AuraGen Systems since April 1st of this year so we have gotten plenty of customer feedback to provide what people are doing and searching for and what results they are getting.

Let's be clear that we do not endorse or say that you will get the same results, we are only posting what responses we have gotten from users because people ask: ‘what do I do with this?’

Well here is what others are doing and areas they are researching. Remember that everyone is different in how they respond to pulsed electric fields.

The use of pulsed high voltage/magnetic fields have been around for a very long time, Rife is well known but the US Military was using pulsed electric fields in WWII to speed wound healing.

Today if you google ‘pulsed electric fields’ followed by your area of interest, it’s a safe bet you will find a lot of research and even NIH has conducted very good research in most fields, so while many consider PEMF as an Alternative Medicine field – it is actually mainstream for a long time and well established.


Customer findings 

We've been receiving customer experiences and findings and want to share those with you.


  • The #1 use for the films is muscle toning and weight loss, ½ hour every (2) days followed by exercise.
  • Pain is #2, especially for deep severe pain, this has been ongoing for (2) years. It appears the static voltage fields can reach deep and numb the pain. The Mag Strobes have been reported as effective on pain – all we know is that there is a spiral orientation to the effect, open spiral works – contracting spiral not so much.
  • The #3 is reduction of blood pressure. It works well with some people, some have dropped their meds.

Again we are NOT saying this info is any type of Medical endorsement and because this is what people tell us should in no way be taken as results you should expect, remember this is strictly HEARSAY information and we suggest you treat it as simply rumor and no more.


Plasma Strobes:

The Plasma Strobes are new and the only response we have is that someone had good results with skin treatment but have no details on this.


General responses:

We get a lot about meditation and general health and good days/ bad days. The AuraGen Systems generate both Negative and Positive static electricity and a lot of users are using only the Negative with the films to achieve a Body charge for a sense of wellbeing. The effect of negative ions is well established. Some people are positive feeling and women are more sensitive to static electric fields then men.

Lately we been getting a lot of Alpha/ Beta & Theta feedback questions. If you load up the K units you can get down into the ABT ranges and the Plasma Probes seem to work well there. They put a film on the lower legs/ feet and the other channel on the back/ neck and are going for the G20 portal on the head while concentrating on the Plasma Strobes.


Please Note: These are not testimonials – they are just what we have been getting. 






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