New AuraGen L3 for use with Frex16

Date: 1/24/2017

New AuraGen L3

AuraGen Technologies is comig out with a new driver called the L3. We know what the AuraGen S/L2 is capable of so we're very curious as to what this baby can do.

For the record, the S/L2 is a Dual Channel device that produces a Clark frequency on one channel output and can also drive the accessories from an external source like Frex16 on the other channel output. Both channels can run simultaniously with any of the accessories attached. This gives you great capabilities in terms of automation, you choose the frequency protocol from the program and run it for whatever purpose you're looking for.

About Frex16

Frex16 is a computer program that can produce frequencies that are based on the so called Rife protocol and you can even use Frex to research frequencies from it's database. We've heard good things about Frex from our customer base and it works well with our new AuraGen S/L3.




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