Terms and Conditions


The AuraGen Series is sold for Adult use only; there are no known Medical or health benefits from the use of these devices and none are claimed. Please contact the manufacturer for additional questions or details.

Caution: Please read Owners’ Manual Instructions and all Warnings before using 


Persons with Medical conditions using heart Pace makers or epilepsy conditions and women who are pregnant are advised against the use of the product. 

We recommend that you use the equipment with a high dose of common sense.

It's important to drink water before and after every session using our equipment. We do not claim any medical benefits from usage.


All transactions are done through PayPal, you don't need to have a PayPal account to be able to make a payment. Log in to PayPal or cick the "Create an Account" button and enter your card info (this information is not made available to us).

To make a Payment click one of the options, you'll be directed to PayPal checkout. Once your payment information is entered you'll be directed back to our webste and are asked to confirm your order by clicking the "Make Payment" button.

After Payment is processed we'll start to work on your order.


It may take up to 20 business days for your order to ship so please be patience. Our units are handmade to order so it may take a while before we ship. Don't loose your cool, we deliver! We'll provide you with tracking information.


We're not doctors so we are not qualified to to give you any medical advice. Any advise mentioned or given is based on the Good Samaritan Law. We strive to do the best we can to help you, just don't expect miracles just as you would from use of any other device or any medical treatment. Our devices or the use there of can not replace any medical treatment or medicine. We do not know about your medical history so we strongly suggest to talk to your doctor to see if any of our devices may be suitable for you. Usage of our equipment is entirely your personal decision. As stated before: We do not claim any medical benefits from usage and you the user take full responsibility for any outcome from such usage.


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