Mag Strobe 4EX

Mag Strobe 4EX
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Mag Strobes                                               

The New Mag Strobe 4EX is the latest in the AuraGen Family of highly specialized magnetic pulsars.

AuraGen Mag Strobes are unlike any conventional magnetic pulsars.  Where the other technologies generate slow and high gauss pulses, the AuraGen Magnetic Strobes generate very fast magnetic pulses that are coupled with a high voltage electrostatic energy field that evolves at the same time and in the same direction as the magnetic field.

Mag Strobe 4XE use a 2 dimensional spiral magnetic winding which in plasma physics is also called a magnetic Z pinch because the spiral windings generate a magnetic pulse that ‘spirals’ across a flat plane and concentrates to a pinch/ point at the center of the winding.

So when the Mag Strobe is triggered the stored electrostatic field pulse along with the generated magnetic pulse contract in a spiraling pinch that concentrates both of the energy fields to a very small point.

If you reverse the power jacks, the Strobe will generate an expanding magnetic/ electrostatic energy pulse that expands from a point outwards, thus diluting any set energy fields in the cellular tissue.

This feature allows you to concentrate the pulse of both polar magnetic and electrostatic energy in a spiral direction to a point or expand the existing energy field of the tissue and dilute it.  

Customers report that using the unwind spiral or expanding spiral has an effect on pain while the spiral winding in or contracting spiral does not have this effect.

The 4EX can run as a simple magnetic pulser using any of the basic power ports of any AuraGen unit. To do this you use only (1) wire and you can select which voltage polarity you want by which output jack you use, Positive is Red and Negative is Black. But it is specifically designed to run off the New Powr Boost ports used on the K/ D Series and the New S Series of high Frequency Drivers and amplifiers design especially for Mhz+ pulse operation.

The K/ D Series Powr Boost ports lets the user run different accessories or several of the same type at the same time. There are (4) Powr Boost port, (3) are 2X and the 4th is 8X so you can test the different accessories with different power levels.

The S Series outputs a different Energy profile but enables the user to pulse the Mag Strobes at their preferred frequencies using their own custom pulse program.


Why Mag Strobes Are Beyond Conventional Mag Pulsars

Conventional magnetic pulsars are just simple wire windings as in any electric motor, they produce ONLY a magnetic pulse when triggered and the pulse is slow but high Gauss.

Mag Strobes are based on advanced pulsed Plasma Laser Technology developed by Andromeda Laser group over 40+ years. 

It's all about Time Frame, you can shine a 100 watt lamp on your hand all day but if you take that power and compress it into 1/ millionth of a second - well you now have medical problems. Pulsed Lasers are the most powerful type of Laser because they release ALL of the energy in very short time frames - just like a strobe light does.

Mag Strobes operate on Laser principles, they use a combined Magnetic and Electrostatic Energy pulse that evolves and concentrates both Energy types at the same time. So you receive both types of energy at very high power in a very short time frame.  


Pulses within Pulses

All AuraGen accessories produce pulses within the actual pulses per second (PPS) rate of pulsing. This is due to the very fast circuitry used to generate the pulses.

It is very important to understand this because the inner/ very fast voltage pulse has the ability to travel thru out the body and can penetrate cellular membranes.

In the Rife Protocols, very high frequency pulses were originally used and this field of research is also known as PEMF.

Technical Parameters 

Picture (1) is an oscilloscope shot of the pulses per second of a K/ D unit pulsing a Mag Strobe 4EX. The pulses are 650 Microseconds apart or 1538 Hz. This is the rate the Mag Strobe is pulsing at.


Picture (2) is a shot of the rate of change of the high voltage electrostatic field across the Mag Strobe. This is also the time rate of the magnetic pulse.

The rate of fall from the Positive high voltage down to zero potential is ~ 3 Microseconds. This is an extremely fast voltage change and falls into the higher Rife frequency ranges.

NOTE: The actual rate of change (voltage) and magnetic pulse will change depending on what other accessories are used and how well they interact with the body. For most uses the rate of change is between 2 > 10 microsecond. The rate of change is not an actual frequency in Hz but it can be called a ‘slope’ frequency of 100 KHz > 300 KHz

Comfort by Design

The New 4EX is comfortable! The 4XE is flexible – that means it can bend around curves like arms, legs and shoulders easily. No more stiff hard shapes or sharp corners, the 4EX will tuck into a sock or a waist band with equal comfort. And most importantly you can lay and even sleep with the 4EX under you so you can continue your treatments while you rest.  

The 4EX Mag Strobes are available in multiple unit assemblies to provide exposure across a larger area of your body.  Available in 2 X 2 and larger configurations, contact the supplier for more details.


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