Plasma Strobe EX 12" Double Tube

Plasma Strobe EX 12
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Plasma Strobe EX Dual 12" Tube

The AuraGen Plasma Strobe EX Series is used on all K, K/-D and S Series Systems, they provide much higher output Photon luminosity from Plasma.

The Package consists of (2) Dual 12" Plasma Tubes so multiple color combination can be run at the same time for testing.
The EX Series can be used as single polarity devices that will interact with the Energy fields produced in your body from other accessories.

In this mode they will draw the Energy field within you to specific bodily points and modulate those Energies based on the Plasma  interaction and control of the Energy connection.thru you. When used in the dual connect the EX Series will produce bright output that pulses with each pulse generated from the K and S Series.

The EX Series can also be used in continuous 'On' mode which offers the brightest output but without pulsing. The Plasma Probe EX Series is available in a combination of the colors, most common colors are Red, Blue & Green.   

These AuraGen Plasma Probes are designed to work with either the K or the KD AuraGen Bio-Electronic Drivers Series.

How it works

The picture above shows a KD unit running both Probes at full power, note the Digital readout display shows '00000' as all power is directed to the Probes.

The picture shows a blue Probe at a different pulse rate, you can read the pulse frequencies on the Digital display  -  these photos are taken using the lowest 'Powr Boost' output ports.  Note the pulse frequency on the readout and the plasma intensity.




The picture shows a Red Probe at Low pulse on #3 Powr Boost port






The Plasma Strobe on the left is at Max Power on Powr Boost # 4 output port. Note the pulse frequency on the readout and the plasma intensity.






Each Plasma Probe is slightly different in output and how they balance when you run them together. This is caused by differences in gas pressure and internal electronics. Small differences but they show up when you try to balance at full power. We make every effort to 'match' the Probes so they are the same power.

Please select from the dropdown menu which color combination you prefer. 



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